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Global TRAVEL Review: International Travel Magazine

Global Travel Review magazine, an international magazine of travel, food, and culture. Featuring destinations around the world, travel tips, profiles, and more. Nearly 90 articles.

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Destinations (places)


Thailand: The Best Hidden Getaways

Two Weeks in Thailand

A Week in China

Two Days in Kauai

Olympics in Beijing, Arirang in North Korea

Top Tips for Climbing the Great Wall of China

The Far North of New Zealand

A Room With A View

For Canadians, Even a Bank Machine in Japan is Fraught with Adventure

Inle Lake, a Sweet Memory of Burma

Borneo--It's Like Nowhere Else on Earth

Sustainable Laos and Hawaii

Climbing the Great Wall

Paragliding in India: Kamshet and the 'Circus in the Sky'

Cruising from India through Africa

Sabah, Borneo - The Exotic Island Paradise

A Brief Foray From Singapore to Malaysia -- Asia's Multicultural Melting Pot

Tales of A Terrible Review (China)

Tales of A Terrible Tour (China)

A Central Asia Diary

Dragon Quest: Komodo Dragons make an Exotic Indonesian Detour

The Hindu Wedding Ceremony

The Great Stone Statues of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)--an Online Adventure

Off the Beaten Track in Bangladesh

An Aboriginal Bark Artist in the Australian Outback Finds Commercial Success in an Ancient Tradition

Be Prepared For The Unexpected In Papua New Guinea


Celebrating Life in Southern Africa

The Mighty Zambezi

Three Days in Northern Morocco

Fair Trade Tourism: Soekershof Walkabout in Klaas Voogds West

Interest Builds for IIPT 2nd African Conference

Cruising from India through Africa

Cruising to Africa on the Queen Elizabeth II

The Real Morocco -- A Nomadic Adventure



Four Perky Places in Western Portugal

Barcelona and Catalonia

A Day in Berlin

Tourist and Non-Tourist Ireland and Northern Ireland

Cesky Krumlov: The Real Bohemia

A Week in Iceland

Litomysl: Doorway Through Time

Strolling Through Davos

Madrid Hotels for Art Lovers

London Hotels with Roof Gardens

Krakow 101: Food and Architecture

Return to Andalucia After 17 Years

Lucca, Italy

A Trying Day in Amsterdam

The Clock Struck Midnight: Late to St James Palace in London!

Encountering Sainte Suzanne

Scribbling Down the Culture: An American "Notebooker" in Spain

Loving the Lot

Pompeii, Italy ­Remembered

Three Days in Prague

London, Blown by the Wind—No Guidebooks, No Destinations, Plenty of Surprises

Northern Switzerland, Southeastern France

Art, Eating and Adventure in Northern Italy

Seeing Opera in Verona, Italy is an Experience Not to be Missed

Circumnavigating the Baltic Sea: Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Germany

International Institute for Peace Through Tourism to Sponsor Summit Luncheon in Geneva, Switzerland

An American Hitches Through Europe in the 1950s

Tracing Beethoven In and Around Vienna

Viennese Museum Curator Preserves History of Sound: The Kunsthistorisches Museum

A Little Adventure at a London Ceremony: Kids Locked in the Tower of London!

Follow Van Gogh and Monet: Bike Excursions from Paris

Footloose in Umbria, Italy's Heartland

Tracing Hemingway's Paris--Today!

Chateau Owners Give A Taste Of French Country Elegance

It's worth the struggle to get to Zermatt, the Carless Gateway to the Matterhorn

Danes Preserve Their Tiny Seaside Homeland Welsh Family Hospitality, In the Rain, With Child Driving Through Europe

The Middle East

Way Off the Beaten Track (and Back On) in Israel

As the World Poops…You’ll Find it in Turkey: A Guide to the Perplexed

Three Days to Play in Istanbul

Staring Down Rifle Barrels Near Mount Ararat (the Biblical Noah's Landing Place)

Hopes for Peace in Israel and Palestine

Dead Sea: Lowest, Saltiest Point on Earth is Home to Masada

Petra: Jordan's Ancient and Mysterious Treasure

Jerusalem - City of Colliding Cultures

A Visit to a Palestinian Refugee Camp--And a Jewish West Bank Settlement


Latin America and the Caribbean

Two Weeks in Panama

The Andes AND the Amazon: A Week in Ecuador

Beach Bumming in Nicaragua

Turtles and Toucans: An Eco-Exploration of Costa Rica

Beyond Mexico's Copper Canyon

Guatemala City: Where Are The Crowds?

Haight-Ashbury in the Guatemalan Mountains: San Pedro and Lake Atitlán

Antigua, Guatemala: Colonial Elegance and Lots to Do

Studying Spanish in Mexico

Mexico Journal 12/06-1/07

A Cooking Class in Mexico

New Year's Eve with a Mexican Family

Bermuda: A 22-Mile-Long Country
(well north of the Caribbean but it feels like it belongs here)

Used Clothes in Guatemala

Why Take a Caribbean Cruise?

Five Days in the Snake Nest

Travesia Panamericana: Highlights of Our Pan American Journey in a Vintage VW Westfalia

An Hour or Two in Mexico? Make the Most of Even a Brief Visit

A Low-Budget Adventure River Trip Through the Ecuador/Peru Rainforest

A Gringo Reflects on Life in Cantarana, Costa Rica

Buying Jade In Guatemala

Welsh Ways In Patagonia

Beyond San Juan--A Different Puerto Rico

Guanajuato: Mexico's Hidden Jewel

Mexico By Bus: Bargain Hunters' Best Bet


U.S. and Canada

Driving to the End of the World: 3109 Miles in Eastern Canada (and New England)

Remembering 9/11: A Visit to the Memorial (This article is hosted on our sister site,

Miami’s South Beach Shows Different Sides in Two Visits

A Warm December in San Antonio, Gruene, and Austin

A Skeptic Visits Disney World—and a Much More Interesting (and Almost Unknown) Orlando Attraction

Dylan and Wolves and Bears, Oh, My: Northern Minnesota

Hiking and Exploring Minnesota’s North Shore

Hiking Our Way Through Denver and Taos

Colorado River Canyons

Returning to Las Vegas: Free Fun in A City I Don't Like

Space Treasures, Art Treasures, Community Treasures: Finding Things to Like About Houston

Two Days in Kauai

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

South Beach: Nothing Old About THIS Florida Neighborhood

Visiting Kennedy Space Center

Moosic Lake: The Working Man's Escape

9 Adventurous-to-Easy Ways To See the Grand Canyon

A Belt Across California: Marin-Napa-Tahoe-Berkeley-San Francisco

Cruising the Alaska Channel

Around Western Washington State

Things You Never Knew About Yellowstone National Park

Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia: Grace and Charm in the Lowlands

A Frugal Fun Postcard from Las Vegas

San Francisco as the Locals See It?

FDR's Home in the Hudson Valley

New Mexico's Latest "Paraje" Commemorates the Camino Real (Royal Road)

Soccer Hall of Fame

A "Not-Really-A-Fan" Looks at Cooperstown

Returning: A Second Look at Four Canadian Cities

The Coolest Place in Saint Louis

How to Dine Cheaply and Well in New York: Four Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Music and Meals in Oberlin, Ohio

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: A Personal Account by an Oilman

The Youthing of South Beach

Thanksgiving Dinner in the Park

Los Angeles' Early Film Industry: The Glory That Was Spring Street

American versus Canadian Sensibilities: The Entrepreneurial Spirit On the Remote Frontier

Sustainable Laos and Hawaii

Skipping the Attractions, An Outsider Looks at Disney World--As a Destination and as a Business

Theater and Gangsters: A Holiday Weekend in the Twin Cities

A French Kick

Two Eclectic and Entertaining Midwest Museums

Follow the Beats Through San Francisco's North Beach

An Evening Upon The Pacific Starlight Dinner Train - Vancouver, BC

Art, Books, and Animals in Central Manhattan: Three Less Common Destinations

Tiny Alaska Town Offers Rich Experiences

Our Own Private Montana and Idaho

In Search of the Manatee: Florida Without Disney

Stephen Crane's Roots in Port Jervis, New York

Luray Caverns, Virginia: 120 Years of Cave Exploration

The Hidden History of Jeckyll Island, Birthplace of the Federal Reserve

A Hollywood Walking Tour

Family Vacation in Atlantic Canada

Cape Ann: Massachusetts' OTHER Cape

An Urban Chauvanist is Charmed by Iowa City

Broadcloth, Brocade and Buckskin -- Return to the past on Mackinac Island

Road Trip: Colorado and New Mexico

Elucidations (how-to tips)

A Flight Attendant's Best Tips to Have a Great Trip: Advice on What to Pack, What to Keep By Your Side, and How to Interact with a New Country

As the World Poops…You’ll Find it in Turkey: A Guide to the Perplexed

Travel during Times of Political or Environmental Turmoil

What To Do When Your Flight Is Canceled Arrive Stress Free

Making Friends... Again... and Again

Valley Fever: The Southwest's Local Secret

Making the Most of Your Holiday Car Rental

A Naming Day Party in Greece

Five Tips for Fear-Less Business Travel

5 Discount Travel Secrets Orbitz, Travelocity, and Expedia Don't Want You to Know

For Travelers: E-Books Are Terrific

Cell Phones & International Travel: How to Save Money & Time While Traveling Internationally with a Cell Phone

Romance on the Road

How to Get the Lowest Airfares Possible

How to Find a Free Housesitter

So You Want to be a Housesitter?

Cruise For Free When You Have Your Own Business

Preparing for a Road Trip

The Dangers of Diving

Vacationers Home Check-List: Everything You Should Know Before You Leave

Beginning Skiing

Family Camping Tips

3 Steps to a Low Fare

5 Contrarian Travel Tactics

New Website Provides Home Exchangers Online Forum

How I Took My Two Young Grandchildren on a Singles Cruise--And Not Only Survived but Enjoyed Myself

Take a Tax-Deductible Dream Trip

Is Home Exchange Right for You?

How to Learn Another Language Quickly!

Work on a Cruise Ship!

An Hour or Two in Mexico? Make the Most of Even a Brief Visit

A Week in Greece...$23.85 Per Day For Transportation, Lodging, and Food

Homeowners On Vacation Can Enjoy Peace of Mind Through Housesitting Services

Secrets of Success with Priceline

Vacation Home Exchange - Trade Homes and Save!An Irreverent, Experienced Guide to World-Wide Adventure: 21 PrinciplesBefore You Travel--Spend a Few Moments to Make an Emergency Preparedness KitTraveling with Vegan Children

How to Make the Most of Your Foreign Travel

World Wildlife Fund Offers Eco-Tours Online

How to Save Money on a Business or Pleasure Road Trip

If You Don't Plan, You Won't Go: An Introduction to Low-Cost, Interesting Vacation Travel

Taking the Measure: A Lighthearted Guide to Metric, English, and Asian Measurements and Nomenclature

Finding Lodging Bargains Online

How to Combat Jetlag: A Doctor/Author's Tips

Travel Time Can Be Productive Time

How to Travel and Exercise at High Altitude: A Doctor/Author's Tips

Midwest Book Review's Travel Bookshelf (new books listed every month)

Meditations (narratives/adventurers)

Insights and Gratitude—From the Berlin Wall to the Streets of Dehli: A Flight Attendant Learns to See the World More Deeply

Bloody Sunday through Survivors' Eyes

Cesky Krumlov: The Real Bohemia

Why I STOPPED Traveling

Who Owns History? Global Repatriation Treaties Prompt Slow but Steady Return of Historical Treasures

Gondolier Lessons in Venice

Excerpt from Crossing Borders by Michael Ferris

What Happened for Chana

A Wet Shoe Story

Turkish Delight

My Favorite Organization Ever

How I Got on the Bad Side of Homeland Security...for No Reason

Three Reasons to Become an Expatriate

The Real Race: There Is So Much Living To Do

Birdwatching in the UK


Music in the Middle of Nowhere: Two Weeks in Zlate Hory, Czech Republic

Professional Traveler Mike Thiel Really Needs a Vacation!

Oops, Wrong Room!

Europe vs. the US

Staying in Touch: Electronic Courtship and Other Rituals
By George R. Marshall

Doing the Weather In Mexico

A Kibbutz Snapshot

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's The Funniest Stories About Flying!

Garden Railroads in Public Places Make Great Family Destinations

J. R. Edmondson - Historian of The Alamo and the Bowie Knife

Railroading, Helicopters, and the Morning Newscast: The View from a Locomotive Cab

A Visit to a Palestinian Refugee Camp--And a Jewish West Bank Settlement

New Life for a 400-Year-Old Atlas by Gerardus Mercator--An Interview with the Publisher of the English-Language Edition

How Two Brothers Saved The Endangered Music Of Bali And The South Pacific: Half-Century-Old Field Recordings Now Released in CD

Step Back in Time to Asia in 1886

Steve Roberts: Have Computerized Solar Bicycle--Will Travel

Emergency Landing:A first-person narrative of a heart-pounding descent

This Holy Book is a World Traveler: One Torah's Journey

Northampton, Mass.: The Politics of a "Layer Cake" Town

Alimentations (food around the world)

Best of Bridge Interview with Mary Halpen

Suppers from Sri Lanka: Bringing the taste of Sri Lanka to Barcelona

Move Over, Julia Roberts: Eating Our Way Through the Amalfi Coast

Soul Food

Celebrating Chinese Food in American Culture

A Cooking Class in Mexico

But I Don’t Eat Chinese Food

Don Churrero

Why Aren't the French Fat? What We Can Learn About Weight Loss From A Cream-Loving Culture-AND From Winnie the Pooh

Eating in New York's Lower East Side: Finding My Jewish Roots in a Multicultural Neighborhood


Regional Cooking of Italy Features More than Just Pasta

Searching for the REAL American Cuisine: A humourous (and fattening!) experience of eating across America

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